About S2

S2 is the visionary development arm of Kuwait’s most trusted, experienced designer and builder of world-class logistics and commercial complexes and infrastructure. For four decades, we have been building world-class facilities and infrastructure in Kuwait, and across the GCC, South Asia and Africa. Today, S2 is bringing the New Kuwait 2035 Vision to life by delivering South Village, the logistics and commercial anchor for Sabah Al-Ahmad City, the cornerstone of Kuwait’s economic diversification and sustainable living strategy.

What Makes S2 Different

Sustainable Infrastructure

We pioneer the construction methods and materials that will serve as a model for sustainable development across Kuwait -- radically lowering lower emissions, using less energy, conserving and re-using water, and saving money. We integrate the systems, materials and expertise needed to leapfrog existing standards in construction, operations, maintenance, sustainability and connectivity.

Commercial Facilities

We’ve built Kuwait’s cleanest, smartest, most advanced, and efficient commercial facilities, along with the infrastructure required by private-sector businesses that are to be the country’s jobs engine of the future. Today, we’re a committed partner of the Kuwaiti government, demonstrating the value and importance of public-private partnerships in achieving the vision laid out by the country’s leadership.

Who S2 Serves

S2 offers modern, efficient warehousing, crafts, commercial and office space suitable for businesses of all sizes from major multi-nationals to small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs. It provides facilities management, maintenance, security and other services. S2 facilities lower costs, boost productivity and enhance competitiveness across industry sectors.
Consumer Products
Crafts businesses
Food & Beverage