About Sabah Al-Ahmad City

Sabah Al-Ahmad City is a visionary, mixed-use, city-of-the-future for a new generation. The 61.5 SQM city is envisioned as a modern new community built for sustainable living and economic opportunity, a place with the country’s most advanced logistics, infrastructure and digital backbone, and the hub for private-sector companies creating jobs in knowledge-based and trade-related industries.

A “smart” city, Sabah Al-Ahmad City will encompass ten residential neighbourhoods, a central business district, and commercial and crafts/services zones.

Located in Southern Kuwait with easy highway access to Saudi Arabia, Sabah Al-Ahmad City is intended to serve as a trade gateway between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, as well as a supply chain anchor for Kuwait overall. 

World-renowned design firm Foster + Partners says the city’s look is inspired by natural desert topography and sand dunes. Sabah Al-Ahmad City will be home to 280,000 residents and will feature luxury housing, high-paying jobs, education, healthcare, arts, entertainment, leisure and abundant green spaces for sustainable living. 

South Village is strategically located at the heart of Sabah Al-Ahmad City. South Village’s retail spaces, warehousing complexes, crafts workshops and logistics infrastructure will support the businesses bringing Kuwait’s Vision 2035 to life through economic diversification and sustainable living.