Dear Customers,

It gives me great pleasure to present S2’s South Village, a commercial, craft and warehousing development that is both key to the larger Sabah Al-Ahmad City project and a national priority for Kuwait. South Village has been designed to promote the commercial and economic prospects of this ambitious new development through efficiency, quality, sustainability and reliability. South Village will deploy a wide range of modern technology solutions that will make it cleaner, safer, more efficient and less resource-intensive, enhancing the area’s livability and desirability.

South Village is intended to meet the needs of a wide market including local small business champions (SME’s) across a broad range of industries to further develop the private sector in the region. Private-sector expansion is at the heart of Kuwait’s economic diversification plan, the key to long-term strategic growth, and the foundation of Kuwait’s future.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my appreciation and gratitude to the Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW) and to all of Kuwait’s government authorities for their unwavering support and guidance. In addition, we extend our thanks to our clients for placing their trust and confidence in us, and to our dedicated team, who have made exceptional contributions in achieving the company’s strategic goals.

Abdullatef Al Ateeqi
General Manager,